Obocho Peters is a 11-year old CEO and Community Child Advocate in Brooklyn, NY gaining borough and worldwide notoriety.   At the tender age of 9, Obocho became the Founder/CEO of I Am Obocho LLC and recently opened up a physical store location in Brooklyn on his 11th birthday, December 28, 2019 called “Obocho’s Closet”. With the ceremonious Grand Opening of his thrift store in the Lefferts Gardens section of Brooklyn, New York; his lifelong dream, he was forced to close its doors three months later with the onset of COVID 19, all in one breath.  With people unable to patronize his store, like other businesses he had to devise a new strategy to continue to do what he loves most…to serve his community.  The seriousness of the pandemic only made him broaden his vision, it did not defeat him.

As a 5th grader, Obocho had to come to terms that things will never be the way that they once were.  Social distancing, remote learning, lack of luxuries and bare necessities is now the new way of life.  Shaking hands, hugs, speaking with crowds of people, and going outside to mingle with community residents seem to be a distant memory.  The “rush” and satisfaction he used to obtain by rubbing elbows with those that patronized his Thrift Store has left him plagued with transitions, and yet still with opened arms.  Like everyone in the world Obocho has been forced to embrace a new reality…the virtual reality.

Providing the less fortunate with clothes for a lower price while helping them to become more financially literate is only just a piece of the puzzle.  Now, not only favoring the underdog, his sights were now set on aiding the masses to safeguard their health.  As one half of the “Dynamic Duo” that is comprised of himself and his mother Sasha Peters, they began actively sewing masks to keep the entire public from paying the ultimate price…the price of death!  Further expounding upon his reputation of helping the homeless, for every mask purchased a piece of clothing was donated from his Thrift Store to a family that resides in a shelter.  In this way he is saving their health, their minds and their LIVES.  

The nation is now bearing witness to the maturity of this young man’s business acumen as he is managing to balance his emotions with sound decisions at the age of 11. Light at the end of the tunnel, is life and the ability to sustain during the midst of economic fear.  Obocho serves as a budding example by exhibiting the conduct and ideologies of those that typify this great nation.  This is how life today is seen through the eyes of an entrepreneur and business owner, the eyes of a humanitarian, and through the eyes of a child.  Obocho Peters is worthy to be called one of our future leaders.  He is unstoppable!